Chuango G5W Starter Wireless (3G) DIY Home Security Alarm

Chuango G5W Starter Wireless (3G) DIY Home Security Alarm

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The Midas Touch of a DIY Security System

A proud winner of the 2013 IFSEC & FIREX Awards, the G5 is the epitome of aesthetic design and functional powerness. As the Intruder Alarm Product of the Year, the system boasts an unobtrusive touch keypad that is easy on the eye and simple to operate. Simply insert a regular SIM card with credit, and when the system detects acts of intrusion, you will be notified by a phone call and SMS text message.


Protection in Proximity 

For the young and elderly in your family, simply give them a keychain-like RFID tag to disarm the system with a wave.

Know It All

You can name all your RFID tags and detection zones for easy identification. Whenever the system is disarmed by a RFID tag, you will get an SMS text notification of who and where.

'Beep' You on Guard

Chuango G5W comes with wireless door/window sensors that "beep" notification sounds upon openings - during the "Disarmed" state - so you'd know if someone is coming home or sneaking out.

House Call

With a regular SIM card, the G5 can also act as a phone, and you can place calls directly on the panel. One-touch speed dial is also possible.

Protection without Boundaries

Download your app from either App Store or Google Play, and you get to control the entire system remotely with a couple of swipes and taps. Intuitive in design and operability, the G5 app is more than capable of monitoring a few systems.

Ensure the GW5 is Always Connected

If your Chuango G5W isn’t connected to a cellular network, the panel will sound every 15 seconds to let you know. When away, you can send a text message to your G5W to check its cellular signal strength remotely.

Package Details

G5W 3G Control Panel x 1 
Door/Window Sensor x 1 
Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1 
Remote Control x2 
RFID Tag x2


Model Chuango G5W-S
Application Small Home / Office / Unit / Caravan / Boat
Control Panel Communication Method SMS and/or Phone Call
3g Communication Module & Frequencies 3g - 850MHz / 2100MHz (Telstra/Optus/Vodafone)
Self-Monitored or Local Alarm Self-Monitored
SMS Alerts for Low Battery, Power Fail/Restore Yes
PIR Detection Range 8 metres outwards, 110 degree angle
Wireless Working Frequency 433MHz – Approved for AU & NZ
Wireless Transmission Range Approx. 25 metres through two walls
Back-up Battery Yes (Approx. 5 hours standby power)
Power Supply 12volt DC 500mA
Warranty 2 years

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