VBell Video VoIP Smart Intercom Black

VBell Video VoIP Smart Intercom Black

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The new sleek and modern VBell™ Video VoIP Intercom is a Smart Home intercom, which includes a high definition camera, as well as a two-way communication sound system, using Voice over IP (VoIP) video-audio transfer technology. This device can be accessed through your smart phone or tablet from any location around the world, and provides a simple way to protect and secure your home.

The VBell™ Video VoIP Intercom can be placed anywhere; in your home, office or workshop. At the touch of a button, the intercom camera can be accessed via application on your smart device, as well as missed calls can be checked from the log file, and a snapshot image with time stamp will be stored for easy access via the application. No additional fees are required for storage. VBell™ Video VoIP Intercom can be integrated into your home automation system as standard VoIP device. This smart device feature is a must have accessory for any homeowner.


VBell™ Video VoIP Intercom can communicate with other smart home devices using Ethernet, has relay outputs to control of a door or gate and is powered by 12V DC adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

App Enabled

VBell™ Video VoIP Intercom comes with free smarthome apps available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores. The apps are very easy to operate and configure.

You can not only immediately engage the video call with with a person in front of the intercom, but also see the snapshots taken on previous interactions with your VBell intercom.

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