FIBARO Z-Wave Home Center 2

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Home Center 2

Home Center 2 (HC2) is the brain to the Fibaro Intelligence System and can be used with other existing Z-Wave automation devices. HC2 was designed and developed by our engineers, giving us the ability to implement many unique features never seen before in other Z-Wave gateways. HC2 redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces real Home Intelligence.

Home Center 2 by Fibaro isn't just an electronic device. It's also well designed, innovative and user friendly interface, featuring functions never seen before.


Exclusive aluminium casing

We have put a huge emphasis on styling and quality, so that Home Center 2 by Fibaro pleases you from the first time you look at it. Home Center 2 is made of solid aluminum, making it very elegant in appearance with true innovation inside.

Intel Atom 1,6Ghz Processor

Thanks to its efficiency, Home Center 2 (HC2) is much, much faster than other Z-Wave gateways currently on the market. The communication within the Z-Wave network has improved dramatically allowing the HC2 to have immediate response to commands sent by the system user.


4GB MLC Recovery Disc

Gives you significantly improved data security thanks to Fibaro's proprietary approach to data protection. Each Home Center 2 has its own Recovery disc for system backup unique to each gateway. This completely prevents unauthorized access to the system. Another advantage of the HC2 is quick and simple back up recovery securing all of your settings. 


1GB RAM, 2GB SLC Hard Drive

Large memory + fast processor = quick communication between HC2 and Z-Wave devices. The hardware architecture used in the Fibaro HC2 makes Z-Wave based home automation communication faster and unique.


New possibilities thanks to Linked Devices

Home Center 2 “Linked Devices” function lets you combine multiple devices into one virtual device with combined functionality – for example 3 heater thermostats plus temperature and humidity sensors. The primary advantage of this feature is the convenience of being able to control multiple devices at the same time at the press of one button. The second advantage is reducing the number of device icons in the user interface.

Great comfort thanks to Devices Panels

The Home Center 2 interface gives you easy control over certain groups of devices responsible for the same functionality - heating, air conditioning and garden watering. Thanks to Devices screen, you can easily schedule operations for these groups of devices based on the day of the week or the time of day.


Geo localisation

Home Center 2 gives you another unique functionality - finding your family members. Now You can always know where are your children, without the need to call them each 5 minutes. Home Center 2 will get their localization for you.
Home Center 2 shows Your family member.


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