FAKRO Z-Wave Wall Controller Home Automation

FAKRO Z-Wave Wall Controller Home Automation

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The FAKRO Z-Wave™ ZWK10 Wall Controller  is a wall mounted multi-purpose remote that’s capable of operating up to 10 different FAKRO and Z-Wave™ devices. For the simplest solution to managing your range of Z-Wave™ and FAKRO devices, the FAKRO Z-Wave ZWK10 Wall Controller has everything you need.

  • Easy to install and include into your existing Z-Wave™ network setup
  • Integrates easily and operate FAKRO window openers as well as other Z-Wave™ devices
  • Manage and operate multiple devices using just one controller
  • Can work as a Primary or Secondary controller
  • Setting Mode (Inclusion/Exclusion/Association/Learning/Shift


The FAKRO Z-Wave ZWK10 Wall Controller is a smart device that enables you to manage several aspects of your home. Through radio communication processing, the FAKRO Z-Wave ZWK10 Wall Controller can interact with 10 devices at once, split into 5 different communication channels (2 devices for 1 channel). You can also categorize devices into 10 independent groups, based on their location and functionality around the home.

The FAKRO Z-Wave ZWK10 Wall Controller can also be customized to operate as a PRIMARY controller for a single radio network, or as a SECONDARY controller for a pre-existing network.

Configuring the controller to operate with each device is a simple process. Each device around the home is given a unique number (known as ‘NodeID’) and calibrated to operate on a single Z-Wave™ radio network (called ‘HomeID’).

Featuring a magnetic wall holder, the FAKRO Z-Wave ZWK10 Wall Controller can be mounted onto any location around the home for quick and easy access. This convenient, all-in-one-solution can operate multiple FAKRO and Z-Wave related products.

 This product is compatible with:

  • Vera 3/Lite/Edge
  • Fibaro Lite
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • FAKRO Z-Wave window automation products

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